In the debate about who is at fault, I would hold Modi accountable for the current Covid mess in India. It’s very true that people in India are mostly reckless after the initial lockdown. It is also true that elections in few states and mass campaigns by political parties and the leaders set an example to the irresponsible or ignorant behavior of the people.

However, Modi as the PM could have taken a lot of other measures like preparedness for the second wave, production and stockpiling the necessary medicines, vaccines, supplies including oxygen, infrastructure for hospitalization and treatments. He has looted the nation in the name of the “PM Cares Fund” taking away even all the tax-deductible CSR donations that States are supposed to receive. No transparency about how much money was collected and no question was asked about how the money is being spent. Modi government can’t blame other nations at the last minute for all the homework it failed to do.

Modi had enough funds that could have well spent for Covid but he constantly squandering all the money on other things that are not critical at this time, like building the Ram Mandir, new Parliament, new Luxury flight for PM’s trips. He himself was indulging in mass superstitions like the Kumbamela that could easily spread the virus on an enormous scale. It was understandable if leaders made mistakes in the beginning when the pandemic started and several things were unknown or unexpected a year ago. But reckless behavior of the leader of a nation even after 1 year can’t be left unpunished or uncriticized.

It is a shame all the Congress and BJP ruled states have no basic infrastructure for health care, leave alone education. These two idiotic national parties BJP and Congress keep blaming Tamil Nadu (congress does not do now but always did this in the past, will do in the future too) while TN is far better in any social and economical development indices. Modi has no shame when he wants to silence the public opinion in India and elsewhere.

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