Armenia and Azerbaijan are into severe head-to-head clash with regular, exponential, non pre-declared losing of lives and everything is about to establish their authority over Karabakh. Being backed by turkey and russia, azerbaijan and armenia are into the warfare. Turkey, repeating its similar strategy at libya, bringing Syrian troops against azerbaijan which is into the arena of global forum now.

Russia and Turkey, cautiously without into direct war but backing the oppositions at libya, siriya and armenia, keeping the game of super-power chess board alive and continuing by imposition of active and passive clashes at the appropriate places.

Such internal riots and conflicts between the nations are not just about azerbaijan and armenia. Syria, Libya, Israel, Yemen, turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq  Somalia, Venezuela, Columbia, Ukraine, Georgia and the list goes on. Such conflicts and chaos are with undeclared promulgation of complete destructive extinction of races like Palestines, Kashmiris, Eela tamilians, Tibetians, rohingyas, Balochians, Kurdians,  Catalonians and whomsoever stands for the liberation and fundamental rights of their ethnic race.

No common people want war. But very few does and they are pushing everyone into the game without the consent being heard.  Now these people can’t quit in the mid-way and very few don’t want them to. The collective modern day war shall either be war for intrusion or war against infiltration. Among the major reasons for such wars, the significant front line players are USA, England and EU. Second liners includes Russia, china, turkey and Japan. US has conquered parts of Cuba, Syria, Libya, afghanistan and placed it’s troops at different other countries. Ukraine’s Crimea was been annexed to Russia in this decade early.

After World Wars that took place for the right to exploitation of colonial countries resources by other similar powers, with the tagline of unrestricted global trade, world capitalistic countries started their modern multi-dimensional resource control war 2.0. The core part of this goal would be either establishment or encroachment of the consumer market in the under developed and on-developing countries thereby keeping the growing demand in one hand balancing it through the option of establishment of their settlement in the market nation that ranges from control over raw material mines  to logistics and HR management which is in turn a mark of status pride in the global economic competitors forum.

Today, USA and European nations are with the conquest of controlling global raw materials and economy. After the USSR disintegration, these key players are into energetic participation of the same. US, with its anti-free trade policies striving the best with all the stunts for making it’s economy a free-trade-free economy. Recent emergence of Russia and China in the global trade market has driven US to the pressure of safeguarding the existing market and thereby it impose economic ban on the countries that either questions the policies of US or been a significant market competitor.

Economic ban on Russia and china, war threat to North Korea, Venezuela, Iran are few example to the strategies. Enacting pro-war situation is all about retaining the market. Provoking internal conflicts by charging multiple allegations against Venezuela and libya,  the monetary, mineral resources acquisition and weapon mafia trade to the internal riots were carried out with absolute nil interference by the market mongers. War is an all-time beneficial move for them whereas the maze between existence and death for the people of the respective exploding nations.

What makes US and NATO nations to ensure the chaotic boiling unaddressed at Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan. And the answer is a global fact, ‘Oil resources’.

 Libya, one among the faster growing and resourced nation, a decade before was now with complete wealth plundered and demolished social stability. Iraq, syria and other middle East countries were slowly targeted. Without knowing the actual hands of these market power mongers in the instability establishment, the operations of killing millions and generating migrant refugees were executed by native radicals.

The initiation shall be with fake allegation on the dignity of the nation that creates reactive outcome or by funding in all modes to the anti-democratic or oppositional organization of the existing government, whichever feasible. Either these funded organisations achieves national executive head change (ruling party) through riot or they themselves will open up terrorist organizations within and forcibly takes control in the name of anti-terrorism. Neither the native government nor the citizens shall decide anything in this regard. They have to face this with no other option as somewhere, in a place, a capitalist wants to gift something from the wealth of such nations to his favorite actress or model. Why are we been killed? Why our present is more cruel than death? They don’t have any answers and no one told them any.

The developed countries are extremely casual about sophisticated avenues of sports, cinema, entertainment, human rights activities, enjoying the best life, best eco-system, greatest global infrastructure, luxurious car, food and every other comforts meanwhile the third world countries and east nations are with oscillating political, economic and social instabilities which is actually the fuel paid for the first. Ironically, insecurities of billions in the under-developed countries about war is providing the peace for millions of developed nations.

UNO, Human rights Council, World Bank, corporate trustees are reaching out the war-victim camps to provide them with temporary negotiations that they won’t think for a permanent liberation from the demolished superpowers. In fact this could be the spying of anti-superpower attitude among the victim organisations with the name of assistance, done for their capitalistic board of bosses.

We ourselves are overwhelmed with problems in our nation and you may think what’s the need for this merry-go-round article around the globe. There is a reason.

“We are peace lovers; We have learnt living along with the enormous problems and issues that comes out way; Our life stands first. Our family and children are the priority; Even though it’s slavish, we don’t want our comforts and peace to get spoilt; Do you think those who are standing on the warfield loves war then? ; No, they are also peace lovers like us. In fact now they love peace more than us”.

They are into two formats of war. First, the super powers imposed imperialistic war that is for their collective national ethnic race as a society. Second,  standing against the authority for their self-respect and dignity as Individuals.

They shall opt to not take place in the war. But after which they will be permanent slaves and shall not expect any kind of peace thereafter. The war against intrusion is for preventing their citizens from being slaves and refugees under the regime of the encroaching power. The future of the national ethnic races of the countries without infrastructure to stand against intrusion would be worse and complicated.

The war against denial of right to live and fundamental rights is the war for living; The wars that are imposed for the benefits for few capitalistic bigshots is the war against life and peace; Not every war needs weapons. Most of them are evolved now into the authority over culture, ethnicity, linguistics, religion, caste and mode importantly through the governmental policies. Being an Indian, our multi-dimensional wars are against authority over our living, fundamental rights, education, health, economy and social justice which are all actually the war for our future; Not necessarily we need to hold weapons but it’s fair enough to stand in the streets accompanying those who are already there.

“If we are calm without doing anything during the time of the war, remember, the one who won won’t let us in peace thereafter anymore. You love peace; They have declared war on you; Get ready for the war; They will switch over love to peace “.

~ Aparajithan.

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