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Now that BJP won more seats than even they expected (according to one RSS top leader who is from Telangana, they expected anywhere between 25-30) in the much followed GHMC elections, it is going to be the next stop after West Bengal. Munnuru Kapu, the dominant caste in Northern Telangana, along with Padmashali caste (both are BC castes), is the main anchor caste till now. With this election, Reddy, the dominant caste in Southern Telangana who have been the mainstay of Congress jumped the ship. According to the same RSS leader, they have been working assiduously to wean away Reddys from Congress. Looked like they have succeeded to some extent.
The most democratic demand that has been completely shunned by almost all the major political parties (with the exception of Telugu Desam Party) and the judiciary all the way till the highest level ( there was neither law nor nor reasoning in their judgement) is the sub-categorization of SC reservations. The formidable Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) led movement for decades for its realization only to be ditched by every major political party. BJP is the only major political party that stood with the demand from the beginning along with their support for Telangana Statehood. Now they have two dominant castes from the two regions of Telangana along with Madigas (Not that one infers with certainty that they voted for BJP in large numbers) with them.
It wouldn’t be much difficult for them with their behind the scenes, assiduous work to capture the State soon with such strong support base already in place.
A request to the alternate media based out of Delhi that are only interested where BJP is already in power. It would be equally fruitful to map their ascendancy in states where they have been a marginal player till now.

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