Foretold Truth

History has always warned us but as usual we have been used to ignoring it.

In a country if ‘unbearable mistakes’ become the only way of governance, intolerance and arrogance become their policy and if people’s sufferings reach a threshold, then it inevitably means that the people desperately need regime change or social change. But while the revolutionary and progressive forces are disintegrating and the moderate democratic parties are not in line with the wishes of the corporate bosses, today’s imperialist institutions have allowed the extreme right-wing forces to take power and continue with their unbearable mistakes.

Trump (President of United States), Modi (Prime Minister of India), Bolsonaro (President of Brazil) and Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) are good examples of the people carrying out the above-mentioned ‘unbearable mistakes’.

It is very easy to provoke the sentiment of the people when a country is in deep chaos.  Here a well-defined formula is in work, followed by a systematic action plan.  The extreme right-wing forces believe that ‘someone’ has to be blamed over and over again for the mistakes that are going on around in the country. This continuous process can develop hate against that ‘someone’ in people’s minds and polarize the societies. This continuous process has a particular agenda and is propagated in the name of patriotism. It leads the people to reach a conclusion that anything can be done to eradicate that ‘someone’ who have been depicted as enemies of state, wherein they are actually the enemies of the fascist regime.

What were we doing when the BJP and the RSS were gradually implementing their formula without a single mistake? We were busy opposing the Congress and now we are busy opposing the BJP. However, we are never ever clear about who we have to support and who is going to take the power.  We often can’t think beyond our opposition to BJP and Congress.

We are now caught up in continuously raising our voices not only against each of the anti-people law which is being implemented by right-wing forces but also against the ongoing sexual, caste and religious violence, and the repression on intellectuals. However, we can’t help but acknowledge the fact that the voices raised by progressive forces are not strong enough to prevent these injustices.

The right-forces are constantly attacking us without even giving us time to blink. The Government institutions (the judiciary, the military, the intelligence agencies, the police, the media, and the public administration sectors) are used as weapons to attack the opposition parties, progressive forces and the common people. Unfortunately, the progressive forces are unable to stand against right-wing forces because they are unarmed and ignorant in this war, and still believe in “a government’s justice”

The history clearly depicts to us the sequences of development and methodology of a fascist state. The lessons on how to overthrow such a fascist regime also exists in the same history.  However, we are ignoring the lesson and haven’t understood the value of the lesson. Further, we also tend to consider that the lessons are not relevant for today’s modern age and thus, want to maintain distance from those lessons. Our indifference to these lessons also pushes us to take a pathway which recommends us to build a system like the RSS. A revolutionary democratic system cannot develop itself in the same way that a fascist system develops itself. It is only a fantasy that we (like this RSS-BJP fascist organization which seized power almost 90 years later), can still win 100 years from now.

The BJP is not the only organization of the RSS but so is the Congress. Despite portraying themselves as two different poles in politics, both actually stand together to save and nurture the RSS and Hindutva ideologies.

On the other side, our revolutionary, democratic and progressive organizations stand united in working against each other rather than working against the tyrannical state.

Like we always contemplate about the long-term and short-term strategies, these cannot give a solution for us to overthrow the fascist regime. The foretold facts point out to a decisive direction and a plan. We should try to understand those lessons and have to obtain a weapon out of it.

For that, the revolutionary, democratic and progressive forces and organizations should take an initiative to have an open-minded comprehensive debate amongst them. This debate is imperative for today’s context.  Then we will be able to move forward by following the foretold facts.

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