The general secretary of SPCSS-TN, Mr. P.S. Prince Gajendra Babu has written a letter to AUTA considering the notification passed by UGC which led to the change in name of Anna University. Leading to the loss of reservation as the regulation authority of the institute is taken over from state government by the centre.  The significant aspect of the letter’s exact words are stated below.

We appreciate the service and sacrifice of all the faculty and AUTA for the growth and development of Anna University.

With great respect and regards, we submit the following for the kind consideration of AUTA.

We wish to draw your kind attention to the UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMISSION, New Delhi, NOTIFICATION Published in the Gazette of India, No. F. I-4/2016(CPP-D/DU dated the 29th August, 2017 which provides UGC (Institutions of Eminence Deemed to be Universities) Regulations, 20l7

We earnestly request your good self to kindly read the notification in full and in particular Paragraph No. 5 and its sub divisions as well as Paragraph 15, 16 and 17.

Some Key Points in the above mentioned Regulation:

The public Institutions of Eminence shall implement the reservation policy in admissions and recruitment inaccordance with any Act of Parliament for the time being in force.

The Institution of Eminence Deemed to be University shall be a unitary Institution Deemed to be Universityand shall not affiliate any other lnstitution.

The Institution shall not use the word ‘University’ suffixed to its name but may mention the words “Institution
of Eminence Deemed to be University” within parenthesis sufftxed thereto’.

From reading the Regulation in full we understand the following:

Once Anna University becomes IoE, it will come under IoE Regulation and such institute cannot call themselves as “University”. It will be called as “IoE Deemed to be University”

Ownership of the University may remain with the Government of Tamil Nadu but Anna University will be regulated by the Central Regulation.

Reservation will be in accordance with the Act of Parliament and not in accordance to the Reservation Policy of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

We wish to state that:

There is a wide difference between the Reservation Policy of the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Reservation Policy Of the Central Government.

There is no Reservation for SCA within SC in Central Government. It is 15% for SC and 7.5% for ST in Central Government. There is creamy layer criteria i.e. income ceiling in reservation for OBC in Central Government.

In Tamil Nadu there is Reservation for SCA within SC. It is 18% for SC and 1% for ST in Tamil Nadu. No income ceiling for BC, MBC and others in Tamil Nadu.

When the Regulation specifically spells out the Reservation Policy that will be followed in the “IoE Deemed to be University”, it is misleading to state that the Reservation Policy of Government of Tamil Nadu will be followed even after Anna University is brought under IoE Regulation.

There is no doubt that the scope and operation of the University should widen, develop with more research in various fields. For such expansion funds and other resources are needed.

The Faculty of the University should come with a Proposal detailing the new thrust areas and resources required and place it before the Government of Tamil Nadu and the People for further dissemination.

Through the Act passed by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, Anna University is established. The Government and the Legislative Assembly need to discuss the issue of effecting structural change in the administration of the University established out of the Public Fund.

Entire Society is the stake holder as far as Education is concerned. A change in structure of the University is going to benefit or adversely affect the entire society.

Our Appeal to AUTA:

For better understanding, we need to have continuous dialogue. We invite the AUTA for a wider discussion on this issue. To strengthen and further develop the University, we need democratic exchange of ideas. We wish AUT, MUTA, TNGCTA, AIFUTO and other teacher and student organisations also join us in this consultative process.


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